Cheap parking Amsterdam city centre

The best way to park cheaply in Amsterdam city centre

Parking in Amsterdam city centre is difficult and expensive. Just like in more and more cities, it’s not really easy, let alone a little cheap parking in. Especially cheap parking in Amsterdam Centre can be quite a challenge. Parking problems are part of it nowadays. More and more places are paid parking. Parking garages are also becoming more and more expensive. Cheap parking Amsterdam is not really there anymore. If you spend a day in Amsterdam by car, you know in advance that you have already lost a lot of money on parking …. don’t you?
Cheap parking Amsterdam, with these tips you can do it! All including public transport.

If you go to Amsterdam for a day, you can really save a lot on parking in the city. Cheap parking in Amsterdam city centre is certainly possible. Simply use the P+R option in Amsterdam. Every time we go to Amsterdam and want to park cheaply there, we park this way. Every time we park cheap in the same parking garage. Condition is that you use public transport to the center of Amsterdam…. This is nicely arranged in Amsterdam, because if you park cheaply in Amsterdam with this tip, then public transport doesn’t cost much either. So the price of a day in Amsterdam doesn’t have to depend on your parking costs. So cheap parking Amsterdam is possible, we’re going to tell you here how you can spend your money on nicer things in Amsterdam than for parking.

P+R cheap parking Amsterdam. How does that work?

There are a few cheap parking places in Amsterdam Centre. We always park in the P+R Bos en Lommer car park. This is the quickest way to reach us. Connections with public transport to the city centre are quick and easy. For example, tram line 7, which stops opposite the car park, takes you straight into the centre of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has a lot to offer. To name but a few : The Anne Frank guided walk, Van Gogh Museum, Artis Zoo, Rijksmuseum, Heineken Experience, A’dam Lookout, the huge fun and exciting Amsterdam Dungeon … and much more.

Cheap parking Amsterdam : Arrival

Cheap parking Amsterdam Centre starts with a P+R possibility. You go to the parking garage, in our case P+R Bos en Lommer. When entering the parking garage you will receive your parking ticket. Attention: You have to choose for a P+R parking ticket here! (rates for P+R Bos en Lommer ). Don’t make the mistake of choosing a normal parking ticket instead of a P+R parking ticket. With a normal parking ticket you pay the normal hourly rate. Then you won’t be able to park cheaply in Amsterdam city centre. After you have the P+R parking ticket, you can park your car. Before you leave the parking garage you have to go to the parking machines in the parking garage. These are on floor -1. There are special vending machines for the P+R area. You enter your P+R parking ticket, then choose the number of people you are going to use public transport with, and you pay the cheap rate. You get your parking ticket, together with the number of tickets you have chosen for public transport, back from the vending machine. With these public transport tickets, you can travel all day within Amsterdam city centre. If you have the public transport tickets, walk to the bus or tram stop and head towards the centre of Amsterdam. At P+R Bos en Lommer public transport stops about a minute or two walk away.

“Cheap parking Amsterdam is possible, make use of the P+R possibility”.

Cheap parking Amsterdam : Departure

When your day is over in Amsterdam, take the tram back to the P+R parking lot. You can just use the same public transport tickets you got earlier that day from the vending machine in the garage. When you arrive at the parking garage you will have to scan your parking ticket to enter the parking garage.

To leave the parking garage you have to go back to the special P+R parking machines (at Bos en Lommer on level -1) where you enter your parking ticket. The machine will now ask you for a card for the public transport you used that day. This card will be scanned, to check that you have indeed used the P+R parking possibility. This prevents people from only taking a P+R card because of the low parking rate. You will get your parking card back after which you can drive out of the parking garage.

Cheap parking in the centre of Amsterdam is therefore not as difficult as it seems, as long as you take public transport into the centre of Amsterdam. I personally think it’s ideal to park cheaply in the centre of Amsterdam in this way …. It just saves you a lot of money.

Are you visiting Amsterdam? P+R cheap parking Amsterdam Centre.

s said, there are more P+R parking options. An overview of all P+R cheap parking options in Amsterdam city centre is easy to find via Google or Bing. For P+R Bos en Lommer you can go directly to the website All opening hours and prices can be found on the website.

Cheap Parking Amsterdam Centre, you can do it with these tips.