Rodezee Doktersvis

Surgeonfish dangerous?

The surgeonfish can be found in many seas. It is a very recognisable fish. In the Red Sea, the red sea surgeonfish can be found. Is a surgeonfish dangerous? No, certainly not… but they can and will defend themselves when necessary. When you snorkel on coral reefs in the Red Sea, you will certainly meet Read More


Free parking Delft

Free parking Delft, where is that possible?!You know it, you are going to visit a city and doubt whether you will go by car or not. By car is relaxed, but you do not want to pay the main price for parking. Cheap parking is often not available, not even in Delft. Free parking in Read More


Café Du Midi Delfgauw

Café Du Midi Delfgauw : Special location! Cosy, striking, rural restaurant for lunch, dinner, or stop during your cycling / walking tour. Near The Hague, Rotterdam and neighboring Delft is the cozy restaurant Du Midi Delfgauw, officially Café Du Midi Delfgauw. Du Midi is located in the polder in the so-called Klein Delfgauw. Despite the Read More

snorkelen gevaarlijke dieren in de rode zee

Is snorkeling in Egypt dangerous?

Some time ago we made an article about the possibilities of snorkeling in Egypt (Red Sea). From questions we had about the dangers of snorkeling in the Red Sea near Egypt we conclude that there are many questions about the safety of swimming and snorkeling in the Red Sea. “Is snorkeling in Egypt dangerous?” or Read More