Café Du Midi Delfgauw

Café Du Midi Delfgauw : Special location! Cosy, striking, rural restaurant for lunch, dinner, or stop during your cycling / walking tour.

Near The Hague, Rotterdam and neighboring Delft is the cozy restaurant Du Midi Delfgauw, officially Café Du Midi Delfgauw. Du Midi is located in the polder in the so-called Klein Delfgauw. Despite the fact that the above mentioned cities are in the immediate vicinity, you imagine yourself at restaurant Du Midi (Café Du Midi) far away from the busy surroundings. Restaurant Du Midi is hidden in the green, along a small road, on a unique location. Many hikers and cyclists make a stop here to enjoy the peace and quiet.

More about restaurant / café Du Midi

Café Du Midi is located on Buitengoed de Uylenburg, on the outskirts of the town of Delfgauw. On the signs is Klein Delfgauw. Among residents of Klein Delfgauw, this place is also known as ‘De Bonkebuurt’.

Café Du Midi Delfgauw looks very cozy on the outside as well as on the inside. It is hidden under the trees, with a small lawn in front of it where animals walk around, so nice for the children and the overall atmosphere. Inside Café Du Midi is a bit cramped here and there, but that also enhances the atmosphere a bit. It is therefore not really comparable to many other cafes or restaurants.

Eat and drink at Café Du Midi Delfgauw

At café Du Midi Delfgauw, you can have breakfast from opening time (see the website) until 11:30 am.
Lunch is from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm, if you can still speak of lunch by that time.

As far as the dishes are concerned, there is plenty of choice. This ranges from a sandwich and soup, to salad and burgers.
Just walk in for your breakfast and lunch, although with nice weather, it can be a bit busier, or even a bit crowded.
If you want to dine at café restaurant Du Midi Delfgauw, then it is definitely advisable to make a reservation. It is not the only restaurant in Delfgauw, but that doesn’t make much difference. For reservations we refer you to the website of Café Du Midi Delfgauw.

Special beers:
Café Du Midi Delfgauw also has a beer menu with certainly not the most common beers. Chances are you’ll order a beer at Du Midi Delfgauw that you don’t know yet. Think of a Zeezuiper, Hop Ruiter, Krab, Omer Traditional Blond, or a Liefmans Fruitesse.

Café Du Midi is also available for drinks and larger groups. A quiet and nice location where you can welcome people. There are no parking problems.

All in all, café Du Midi Delf is definitely something to remember when you’re in the neighborhood, went for a walk, or just in the neighborhood.