Free parking Delft

parkeren zonder te betalen gratis parkeren Delft

Free parking Delft, where is that possible?!
You know it, you are going to visit a city and doubt whether you will go by car or not. By car is relaxed, but you do not want to pay the main price for parking. Cheap parking is often not available, not even in Delft. Free parking in Delft center you will not succeed, but there are alternatives. Within walking distance of the center are still places where free parking in Delft is possible. If you walk a bit too far, there is always public transport in the neighborhood.

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In the text below are places where you can park for free in Delft. These free parking spaces you can click on the map of Delft and you will see the free parking.

Our tips for free parking Delft

Free parking Delft in combination with the Delft City Shuttle
Our number 1 location for free parking delft!

The first location for free parking Delft is the Korftlaan. The Korftlaan is located just outside the center of Delft, on the recreation area Delftse Hout. Right at the beginning of the Korftlaan you can park for free on both sides of the road. Halfway, near the Delftse Hout vacation park, there are only parking spaces on one side of the road. There are many free parking spaces available. Only on extremely busy days it may be possible to look for a parking spot, but that is almost not the case. Normally you can easily find a place to park your car for free within walking distance of Delft center.

From your free parking place on the Korftlaan, you walk in about 20 minutes to the Market Square in Delft. This is right in the center. If you do not feel like walking, or maybe you want to visit more places in Delft, you can take the Delft City Shuttle at the Delftse Hout vacation park. This is a kind of tuktuk that makes stops at several fixed places in Delft. You park your car for free, and let the Delft City Shuttle transport you further. This shuttle is not free, but for a few euros you will be brought to the center of Delft. You can also opt for a day pass that allows you to travel all day with the Delft City Shuttle. Tickets are for sale at the stop point of the Delft City Shuttle at the entrance of the park. The shuttle runs a round every 20 minutes.
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Free parking delft : P1 Tweemolentjeskade Delftse Hout
Our number 2 location for free parking Delft!
Also in the Delftse Hout, but on the other side of the park you will find parking P1. Also here you can park for free in Delft, and there is always a place to park your car. This free parking is located on the Tweemolentjeskade, just under the highway (A13). This parking lot is easy to find. From the Van Miereveltlaan in Delft you enter the Tweemolentjeskade. Follow the road until you go under the highway, after which you end up directly at the parking lot. If you park your car here, it is a little more than 20 minutes walk to the Market Square in the heart of Delft. You can also make a stop at Knus Delft for a snack or a drink.

parkeren zonder te betalen gratis parkeren Delft
Parking free of charge Delft

Free parking Delft : Hoflaan
A little further away, on the border of Delft and Delfgauw, you could also park for free on the Hoflaan Delft. This is a road with on one side a cemetery, and on the other side tennis courts and a sports hall. For walking from the Hoflaan to the center of Delft, you need half an hour. On the corner of the Hoflaan is a bus stop that also takes you to the center of Delft. Free parking Delft on the Hoflaan is therefore possible, but keep in mind a short drive by public transport or half an hour walk. There is plenty of parking space here.

In addition to the above places, there are more places to find free parking Delft, but we think the above places are the best options. The two top locations are the best choice as far as we are concerned, because there are always parking spaces to be found.

Free parking Delft is certainly possible.