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Greek restaurant Kreta in Willingen is one of the restaurants in this cosy town. Our personal experiences with this Greek restaurant in Willingen. Do we recommend this Greek restaurant in Willingen?

Greek Restaurant Kreta Willingen (Upland)

In the small town of Willingen, most of it is devoted to tourism. In high season, two-thirds of the people staying in Willingen are tourists. The permanent residents of Willingen are severely outnumbered during this period. This means that there are sufficient facilities, which are focused on tourism. Think about winter sports, go-karting, bowling, archery, 3D golf, a mega mountain bike course. In addition, there are of course the necessary restaurants including restaurant Kreta, Greek Restaurant Willingen. We have been coming to Willingen for several years, and had the idea to eat at Greek restaurant Kreta, but it never happened before. Until this year then. On our last visit to Willingen we reserved a table in Kreta.

Preliminary research : reviews

Curious as I am, I always look for experiences from people before I go somewhere I’ve never been before, including Kreta, Greek Restaurant Willingen. I’ve read quite a few reviews, after which I didn’t quite know what to think of this restaurant anymore. There were experiences of people who had eaten deliciously and went back more often, but there were also experiences of people where the food was cold on the table, or that they had to wait a very long time. After reading the reviews I went in blank.

Kreta, Greek Restaurant Willingen our experience

Let me start by saying that my experience with Greek restaurant Kreta in Willingen is not entirely complete. This is because little could be done about winter sports this year due to the high temperatures and rain, and therefore lack of snow. As a result, many people have been looking for a different place for their winter sports holiday. As a result, the restaurant in Willingen was perhaps just half full that night. We did not see Greek restaurant Kreta running at full capacity.

Restaurant Kreta Willingen is located along the main road, Briloner Straße. For people who know Willingen, it is a few minutes’ walk from the Lidl and Rewe supermarkets. The entrance to this Greek restaurant in Willingen is downstairs. Stairs take you to the restaurant upstairs. There is no lift, so if you have difficulty walking you better take this into account.

Greek restaurant Kreta is narrow and elongated. It is Greek, but if you compare it to Greek restaurants in the Netherlands, restaurant Kreta is less cosy. We were seated at a round table in the far right corner at the window.

There were not many service staff, this will probably have to do with the number of customers that evening. The owner himself was actually the entire service staff. We were kindly helped, after which the drinks were quickly on the table.

The menu of Greek Restaurant Kreta Willingen can largely be compared to the menu in Greek restaurants in the Netherlands. One difference is that in the Netherlands there is more choice of dishes with more types of meat.

Salad bar:
We started with a visit to the salad bar. After we had finished this, the appetizers were brought to us. I had fried goat’s cheese in advance, which was really tasty. It was really cheese as it is, without too many bells and whistles, as it should be. The appetizer was a success for all of us!

Main course:
We are quite big eaters, and the main course at this Greek restaurant in Willingen was certainly enough for us. Meat, Tzatziki, rice, potatoes, salad, it was all there. The food was delicious again. What I personally noticed about the food at Gries restaurant Kreta is that it does not all have a uniform taste. At many Greek restaurants, certain herbs predominate in a dish. In our dishes at Kreta Willingen you really tasted the difference between the different kinds of meat. Also it was certainly not too salty, or prepared too much with garlic or herbs. After a visit to a Greek restaurant you are often very thirsty. After our visit to this Greek restaurant in Willingen that was not the case at all. Once again we were very pleasantly surprised, and had a great meal at Kreta, Greek Restaurant Willingen.

I had eaten enough and ordered coffee, which was very tasty by the way. Someone else in our company ordered a kind of chocolate cake. This was a setback. It looked more like a kind of rye bread soaked in honey and chocolate. If you like it it will be quite tasty, for us it was a disappointment. But that is our personal taste.

Our experiences summarized

I have to say that we had a really good meal at the Greek restaurant in Kreta. We do not recognise ourselves in people’s negative experiences. What you experience is, of course, a snapshot, so perhaps if we had been on another day we would have experienced it differently. We have been well, friendly and helped quickly. The prices of the dishes at this Greek restaurant in Willingen are also okay. We really only have good memories and a well-filled stomach left over from our visit to Greek Restaurant Kreta. It should be added that the restaurant was far from full, so it did not run at full capacity.

Kreta, Greek Restaurant Willingen is certainly a must as far as we are concerned.

You can find restaurant Kreta at Briloner Straße 62, 34508 Willingen (Upland).
Telephone +49 5632 9669490

Enjoy your meal