Oostpoort Delft, the last city gate

Oostpoort Delft stadspoort

The characteristic Oostpoort Delft is the only city gate that can still be visited today. In the past Delft was walled, and there were eight gates through which you could enter and leave the city. The Oostpoort is the only city gate that is still standing. The other gates are together with the city wall disappeared. The Oostpoort is currently in use as a residence and exhibition space. It is not possible to see the Oostpoort Delft from the inside.

The city wall and gates of Delft

Like many other cities, Delft has also built a wall around the city. Around the 15th century the city wall was built around Delft. This wall offered the city protection against enemies. There were eight city gates made in the wall, including the Oostpoort. These gates were the only way in and out of the city. So there was some control on who and what Delft went in and out. The place where these gates were built has been well thought out. During the day the gates were opened but at night the city gates were closed.

Towers were also built at the gates and on the city wall from which the surroundings could be monitored. In case of danger, the gates could be closed immediately to keep the danger out of the walls.
In 1514 the towers of the Oostpoort Delft were further raised.

The city wall of Delft has stood for a few centuries. In the 19th century the wall around Delft was demolished. Now Delft was no longer closed, this benefited the further development of the city.

The Oostpoort Delft

As said, the Oostpoort is the only city gate left from the past. Originally, the Oostpoort had round towers. When in 1514 the towers of the Oostpoort were raised, the shape has also changed. The towers became more octagonal in shape. Via the Oostpoort you could enter and leave the city of Delft by land and water.

In the past there used to be a statue of Sint-Catherijne above the entrance to the Oostpoort Delft. Because of this the Oostpoort also had the name Sint-Catherijnepoort.
Next to the Oostpoort is a small piece of the old city wall to see.

The Oostpoort Delft is a popular object to photograph. The Oostpoort seen from the Oosteinde gives a nice picture of the gate and the water gate with the house above it.
From the Oostsingel the Oostpoort can be seen from the other side. This is the side from which most pictures are taken, and in my opinion also the most beautiful side to admire the Oostpoort.

Other city gates of Delft

Unfortunately, the Oostpoort is the only city gate that can still be admired. The other city gates have largely disappeared along with the city wall.
Other gates were the Rotterdamse Poort, Schiedamse Poort, Waterslootse Poort, Koepoort, Schoolpoort, Haagpoort and Wateringse Poort.

If you are visiting Delft, it is certainly advisable to walk along the Oostpoort and admire the gate. It is one of the more beautiful places of Delft. We have written an article about free parking Delft. If you walk from the parking lots in the Delftse Hout where you can park for free you can also walk along the Oostpoort towards the center.

The Oostpoort can be found at the address Oostpoort 1, 2611 RZ Delft.