Pedal boats Delft. On a pedal boat through the canals of Delft.


Pedal boats in Delft. Cruise the canals of Delft and visit the most beautiful places on this special pedal boat.

Rent pedal boats in Delft center, but a little bit different.

You can rent pedal boats in many places, including Delft. This can be done in the Delftse Hout at Knus. It is fun to rent a pedal boat in the Delftse Hout, but it has some disadvantages. My personal experience here is that there is only one small lake that you quickly get bored off. In addition, I think the pedal boats are not very useful for people who are a bit taller. Nice to do, but I personally find pedal boats in the center of Delft a lot more fun.

If you want all the information about this super fun activity, “cycle there right now“. Reservations are important by the way!

With these pedal boats Delft the possibilities are unlimited

Pedal boating in the center of Delft is really something different. You cruise through the beautiful canals, under bridges, and between the beautiful old buildings and churches. You see the city from a different angle. In addition, you are not limited in distance. Unlike the pedal boats in the Delftse Hout, you can go anywhere here. On your pedal boat along the outskirts of Delft, through the canals of Delft, on the Delftse Schie, and along the particularly beautiful Oostpoort. Even if you rent your water bike in Delft for the whole day, you won’t run into the problem of having to do laps.

These water bikes/ pedal boats Delft are much more comfortable and less tiring

It is an experience, pedal boating in the center of Delft. In addition, the water bike is comfortable, stable, and cycles a lot easier than the standard water bike. You feel more like you’re on a real bike than in a boat.

The big disadvantage of the normal pedal boat is that you sit in a kind of boat. The pedals are in front of you. You get tired quickly. In addition, the backrest in your back becomes really uncomfortable at a certain point. Let’s not talk about people who are a bit taller than average. Pedal boating for these people is not really fun either.

The pedal boats in Delft I am talking about here are Schiller water bikes. These water bikes look like a kind of exercise bike standing on two narrow sups. It’s also called a bike sup. You sit like you would on a normal bicycle. That’s a lot more relaxed. With these waterbikes you cruse through the canals of Delft at your own pace, but at no more than 15 km/hour.
Click here for photos and information about these pedal boats in Delft.

How does renting a pedal boat work?

Important… when you want to go water cycling in the beautiful city center of Delft, you need to reserve these pedal boats in advance [you can reserve these water bikes here]. It would be a shame if you arrive at the pier and all the pedal boats are taken. Therefore, book in advance.

Your pedal boat tour through Delft starts right next to Delft Central Station. Free parking in Delft is not really possible. However, you can travel by public transport all the way to the rental location. You then walk right onto the dock and the water cycling in Delft can begin.

NOTE: When you want to rent these pedal boats in Delft, you have to pay a deposit. This deposit must be paid in cash. So make sure you have € 50.00 cash with you.

Paddle boats in Delft. The beautiful canals of Delft.
Pedal boats in Delft. The beautiful canals of Delft.

Renting a water bike is possible from 15 years of age and if you are taller than 1.20 mtr. People who have difficulty walking can not use the water bike.

You can rent the water bikes for different periods. These are periods of 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours.