Subtropical swimming pool Willingen

subtropisch zwembad

Subtropical swimming pool Willingen : If you are in the town of Willingen, and you want to spend a day relaxing and/or having fun with the children, a visit to the subtropical swimming pool Willingen (Lagunen Erlebnisbad) can be a very nice option. The Willingen subtropical swimming pool has more to offer than just standard pools.

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Subtropical swimming pool Willingen information and experiences

During our stay in Willingen, we always make time for the children to enjoy themselves and have fun in the subtropical swimming pool Willingen. By the way, the official name is Lagunen Erlebnisbad. The pool is not very big, but it has enough to offer for young and old.
Children can have fun in the pools, and on the slides of this pool Willingen. Parents can also use the sauna. A very large ‘hot tub’, as we usually call it in the Netherlands, is also available.

The Willingen subtropical swimming pool has approximately 1,200 m² of water surface area.

For access to the pool, the closets and the sauna, pool Willingen has found a very nice solution. More about this in this article.

Swimming pool Willingen

Children’s pool:
The Lagunen Erlebnisbad has a children’s pool for the little ones. Here the children can play safely, under the supervision of their parents.

Swimming pools:
When you enter the subtropical swimming pool Willingen, you will find two larger pools. Both pools also have an outdoor area. You can swim from the inside out. The pools are about the same shape and size. The difference between these pools is mainly the water temperature. When you enter Willingen pool from the changing rooms / showers, the water temperature of the pool you first encounter is a lot colder than the pool just behind it. This is why the first pool in Willingen is often a bit calmer.

Bubble bath:
Next to the first pool, where you can go outside, there is a fairly large round whirlpool. Because of the size of the pool, you’ll soon find a lot of people in it, but because it’s so big and round you won’t get in each other’s way. There’s plenty of room to have a nice bubble in this wonderfully warm bath.

Swimming pool Willingen: slides

The subtropical swimming pool Willingen has three slides in a separate section. These are two closed slides, and a wide, more spectacular slide.

The two closed slides can in principle be used by everyone. They differ mainly in length.

The third slide in this subtropical swimming pool Willingen may be the shortest, but for many also the cutest. This is a slide that you also see a lot of parents coming off.

The slide is wide and makes twice a kind of wave movement. When you lie down you go down really fast. At the bottom of the slide you end up in a shallow pool. Around this pool are transparent plastic walls, and they are there for a reason. When you land at high speed at the bottom of the slide, and do it the right way, you cause a huge tidal wave. People who stay too long at the bottom of this slide will get a wall of water over them.

Pay attention to the children with this slide…. If you are lying or sitting down, then the slide is just fun. But … we’ve seen more often children on their knees, or on their stomachs with their head down first, and on the way down or down the slide they really regret it. So keep to the rules on this slide: sit or lie with your feet first.

Pool Willingen: Sauna

In the Lagunen Erlebnisbad there is also a sauna. This is included in the price. You can only enter the sauna, with your strap that also opens and closes your closet. This prevents curious people from walking in and out all the time. The sauna of subtropical swimming pool Willingen is without swimwear.

Swimming pool Willingen: band, closet and sauna access

At the subtropical swimming pool Willingen they do have a nice system for the closets and sauna. Also, with this system control the time you spend in the Lagunen Erlebnisbad.

When you want to enter the pool Willingen, you get a plastic coin. You have to keep this coin well, because if you lose it it will cost you € 5,00.

After you’ve changed, put this coin on the outside of a closet in the slot provided. When your clothes are in the locker, close the door and lock it. When you lock your closet, the coin gets stuck in a strap that you can put around your wrist. This band indicates the number of your closet. The coin is safe on your wrist. If you want to use the sauna of swimming pool Willingen, you need this coin.

When you want to open your locker again, put the coin that is still attached to the strap, back into the slot in the door, and open the door. This will keep the strap in the door, and the coin will come loose again. Ideal, so you’ll never have problems because you don’t happen to have 50 cents with you, which you do need in many swimming pools.

You’ll also need the coin to leave the Willingen pool. You can only get out using this coin. Without this coin the gate at the exit will not work.

Sauna access:
You also need the same coin to enter the sauna room. To enter from the pool into the sauna of pool Willingen, you have to go through a fence. This gate only opens when you have your coin scanned.

Entrance fees and times

Tickets for this subtropical swimming pool Willingen are for sale for certain times, or you can buy a day ticket. You can choose to access the Willingen swimming pool for 1,5 or 2,5 hours. You can also choose to buy a day ticket. When entering for a certain time (1,5 / 2,5 hours), keep in mind that you have to go out on time.

If you’re staying in a hotel in Willingen, you’ll often receive a Sauerland Card at check-in. This Sauerland Card gives discounts on a lot of things in and around Willingen. It also gives you a discount on the entrance fee to the subtropical swimming pool in Willingen.

The current prices of the Willingen subtropical swimming pool can be found here on the website of the Lagunen Erlebnisbad.

Opening hours:
Before you go to the Willingen pool, you should check the opening hours on the website of the Lagunen Erlebnisbad to see if there is free swimming.

Supervision in the subtropical swimming pool Willingen

What strikes me personally every time, is that the supervision of lifeguards is a bit sparse. The last time we were there it was really bad weather outside, so it was very crowded in the pool. Once in a while we saw one lifeguard, which in my opinion is not that bad. So keep an eye on your children.

Parking and access pool

The Willingen subtropical swimming pool is located to the left of the ski slopes, and under the Wild- und Freizeitpark. In front of the door is basically free parking space enough. Only when the winter months are very busy with skiers, it is possible to look for a parking space.

The Willingen subtropical swimming pool is a few minutes’ walk from the large Sauerland Stern Hotel. For guests of this hotel there is a kind of tunnel that runs all the way from the Sauerland Stern Hotel to the Lagunen Erlebnisbad. So you can walk straight from the lobby of your hotel, without your coat, to the Willingen swimming pool.

Our opinion of Lagunen Erlebnisbad

As said, the pool is not huge, but certainly big enough to entertain you. Especially when you’re with children, the Willingen pool guarantees fun. The pool is clean and tidy. There is a choice between a hot and colder pool, a sauna, whirlpool bath, slides and a children’s pool. This subtropical swimming pool Willingen is highly recommended.