Surgeonfish dangerous?

Rodezeedoktersvis gevaarlijk

The surgeonfish can be found in many seas. It is a very recognisable fish. In the Red Sea, the red sea surgeonfish can be found. Is a surgeonfish dangerous? No, certainly not… but they can and will defend themselves when necessary.

When you snorkel on coral reefs in the Red Sea, you will certainly meet surgeonfish. Here it will often be the Red Sea surgeonfish. The Red Sea surgeonfish is said to be the most aggressive surgeonfish. This surgeonfish can reach a length of 30 centimetres, and is easily recognisable by its flat body and horizontal blue/black stripes. The surgeonfish looks a bit strange with its flat body, and can also be recognized by its way of swimming. The surgeonfish is fast and agile.

The surgeonfish, and therefore also the red sea surgeonfish, has spines at the base of the tail. These spines are only used by the surgeonfish to defend itself against other species, but also when it feels threatened. Leave surgeonfish alone, and there is no problem at all. They can approach you out of curiosity, but that’s all. If they feel threatened by you, because you chase them or bother them, then they will flee. Only in extreme distress will they choose the attack, so that won’t happen any time soon.
So enjoy the beautiful underwater world, and also the surgeonfish, but respect the animals and keep a proper distance!